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At 40m another deep mystery wreck in Colombo

By Dharshana Jayawardena

Depth: 40 Meters

Ghosts of the Deep page VI - Black Coral Wreck
Dawn break behind the ship
Ghosts of the deep Page VII - Black Coral Wreck
The stern - the deck is lush with black coral

20/02/2016 - Based on information by fishermen I am surprised to find another deep wreck at 42 meters. The visibility is fabulous and it is one of the few wrecks in Sri Lanka with prolific black coral growth. This wreck is featured from stern to bow in the Ghosts of the Deep promotional video about shipwrecks in Sri Lanka.

Colombo Black Coral Wreck
The first glimpse
Colombo Black Coral Wreck
The massive single boiler
Colombo Black Coral Wreck
Inside the wreck - forward amidships
Colombo Black Coral Wreck
Port quarter sorrounded with blue-striped snapper

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