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Ship Wreck x 2

By Dharshana Jayawardena.

Depth: 26 Meters

Diver and fish at the Delhi Coal Diver at the bow Delhi Coal

28/01/12: We are right in front of Colombo 03. Perhaps 4 Kilometers directly in front of the Monarch Tower. Here, according to intelligence provided by our reliable friends the fishermen, we are supposed to find the remains of a ship that once carried coal. The anchor hooks on something and holds on the first go.

Indeed its a ship. At least part of it. We soon recognize a broken stern. The propeller is visible and around lay interesting bits of ship pieces whose original function and purpose was wholly indiscernible. There is also what appears to be a large cavern which soon proves to be a dead end save the narrow space at the bottom which one could creep through. We are not prepared for this. So we turn back.

The ship seems abruptly end before we spot a long piece of wreckage extending in to the gloom. We swim along it and are delighted to find a large looming shape emerge from the shadows! It is the bow. The view from the front is quite scenic. It is always interesting to look at a ship underwater when it actually looks like a ship and not like someone's junkyard.

While the ship itself is interesting the fish life appeared mediocre and not as good as the Cargo Wreck and Medhufaru who still rule Colombo as two of the most popular wrecks.

Yet, here we are, adding another ship to the long menu of ships one finds when diving just off the city of Colombo!


The scenic bow...

...and about 30 meters away the stern.

A large space in the stern side

Wreckage near the stern side


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