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A city of Cardinalfish north of Colombo

By Dharshana Jayawardena

Depth: 29 Meters

Cardinal Barge
Cardinal Barge
What's left of this small ship

13/02/2016 - I am far north of Colombo. There is a slight wind and the sky overcast as I rollback into the depths.

Down below, I find remnants of a wreck. At first I am fooled into thinking that this is the same 4-barges site I had discovered few months previously. But it is not, and instead of 4 barges, there is only one. It is badly deteriorated - a crumbled skeletal form hugging the seabed. Only the rudder shaft rises above the sand.

Not a very interesting site. But it is full of fish including Snappers and Cardinalfish. There is so much Cardinalfish that it had to be called the Cardinal Barge.

For those diving out from dive centers in Mount Lavinia, it may not be worthwhile coming this far north to dive this wreck. But if you want to get it i your book, then here it is!

Cardinal Barge
Few fan corals and lots of Blue-Striped Snappers
Cardinal Barge
At the rudder - Cardinalish galore

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