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Multi level rock complex

By Dharshana Jayawardena

Depth: 22 Meters.

This is an interesting multi-level rock complex spread over a large area and is located south of the Coral Gardens boulders. While, at a glance, the site looks like a dull collection of rocks, the many crevices in the rock harbor a splendid variety of marine life such as Moray Eels, Hawkfish, small Crabs on Acropora Coral, Antheas and other reef fish. Definitely a dive site where you have to be slow and really look carefully.

The humble shrimp subjects congregate under the mouth of King Moray!

A Honeycomb moray makes a pass at the camera strobe!

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Photographed on the 12th of January 2008 by Dharshana Jayawardena