Dive The Coffin Ray Point (www.DiveSriLanka.com)
Nilavali, Trincomalee
By Dharshana Jayawardena.

Depth: 20 Meters.

A cluster of Goniopora Coral sways beautifully in gentle surge.

A Electric Coffin Ray resting.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Rays! If you want to see Rays this is a good place to be. A sighting of Coffin Ray, Panther Torpedo Ray, Blue Spotted Sting Ray and The Gray Giant Ray is almost guaranteed.

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A cunning predator, a Trumpetfish duo at 20 Meters. Note the snout of the gray one just behind the yellow specimen.

Saw Tooth Featherstars with other soft coral on the back drop

Clark's Anemonefish flutter around a beautiful Sea Anemone.
A Giant Moray Eel slides out of a rocky crevice. This specimen was pretty large at about 1.5 Meters. And Top: Another smaller Moray. CRP is full of Moray's of various sizes.

A secretive Black Boxfish Female. Below Right: A Saw Tooth Feather Star on the boundary of beautiful soft coral.

A Giant Magnificent Anemone closed and perched
on a rock like a medieval castle.

A Masked Puffer.

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Photo Credits: (c) www.DiveSriLanka.com by Dharshana Jayawardena