Dive The Mutti Gala (www.DiveSriLanka.com)
Nilavali, Trincomalee
By Dharshana Jayawardena.

Depth: 15 Meters.

Welcome to the new dive site in the east! If you are ever in Trinco talk to t Scuba Sri Lanka and they will take you here. It's a fun dive site full of beautiful Anemones and Anemonefish as well as other oddities like Panther Torpedo Rays and an occasional Electric Coffin Ray amongst other species of ray.

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A family of Clark's Anemonefish seek refuge under a beautiful Anemone. It's always so refreshing to see Anemonefish. Though small in size they sure don't lack spirit when it comes to chasing away intruders who venture too close to their Anemone home. If you do touch an Anemone on the underside make sure you remove your gloves. A glove could scrape the delicate skin. Touching the tentacles are not advisable because apart from the minuscule sting you could be allergic to the toxin.
We waited patiently by this Anemone and soon enough a Maldives Anemonefish popped out!

So why is this place called "Mutti Gala"? Because it's full of Sponges in the shape of pots, or "Mutti's" as they are called in Sri Lankan. Thus the name "Mutti Gala" for the "Rock full of pots".

A Panther Torpedo Ray slithers away from us with grace and speed.

A Magnificent Sea Anemone in full bloom. What beautiful creatures indeed. Muttigala is full of Anemones.

Closer look at the strands of an Anemone swaying like the hair of a pretty girl in a gentle breeze.

A Clark's Anemonefish swimming under a Magnificent Sea Anemone.

Domino Damsels dance in a choreographed formation.

A Maldives Anemonefish keep watch outside her home.

An intransigent juvenile sneaks out of home before mom sternly ushers it back to safety.
A Magnificent Sea Anemone withdraws unto itself, perhaps feeding on a hapless victim or recoiling in defense after an attack from a predator.

The grapes of the sea, Sinuose Coral (Plerogyra sinuosa) looks irresistibly edible.

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Photo Credits: (c) www.DiveSriLanka.com by Dharshana Jayawardena