Fish & Coral: Parrotfish (


Parrotfish (SCARIDAE)

A very commonly seen fish. Top: One of the commonly seen large parrot fishes, he Ember Parrotfish (Scarus rubroviolaceus) Bottom Left: The largest of them all, the Hump Head Parrotfish (Bolbometopon muricatum) often found in small schools grinding coral with their powerful beaks. Juvenile Hump Head schools are often seen off the coast of Bentota. Bottom Right: Suspect to be a Blue-Barred Parrot (Scarus ghobban).

Parrotfish can be best observed at night when they sleep inside a bubble of self secreted mucus to throw off predators with a keen sense of smell. Be kind enough as not to "burst the bubble " and give the game away. Not a nice thing to do now is it?

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