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A barge at Taprobane North Reef

By Dharshana Jayawardena.

Depth: 40 Meters.

The barge that ended up looking like a giant wallet - at 40M


19/03/10: During any dive that happens to be a dive where you dive an hitherto unknown shipwreck for the first time there is a moment of truth.

It is the moment when you understand where you are and what you are looking at.

For us, this moment came at 21 meters.

The ship seemed to be a giant cradle; and indeed a cradle of life. Here a school of neon fusiliers lingered over the hull in a pulsating convulsion seemingly to evade an non-existent predator.

At 40m we touched down on pristine white sand. No sediment here. Visibility was 30+M. The bow of the ship rose above us. From here it looked liked a giant wallet full of giant coins. Sadly the coins were merely a product of narcosis. With a sigh, we resign to realization that we still have to work for the rest of our lives.

The hull of the barge was covered with colorful soft coral and some black coral. Sporadic clouds of Antheas fluttered over these little forests in agitation. The wreck itself had many places to explore. Within the arms of this cradle one could get lost; for what a cradle does to an infant this ship was doing to us. We really didn't want to leave this place.

After diving the Taprobane North Wreck this was indeed an anti-climax.

But on it's own it sure stood up to be another beautiful place we will surely return to soon.

(New photos from the 13/03/2011 dive and susequent dives added below)

Wallet Wreck
Wallet Wreck
Wallet Wreck
Wallet Wreck



Black Coral

Lush growth of soft coral and reef fish life

Colorful soft coral and schools of fish
From 21 meters - entirety

The scenic hull on white sand


Snappers over the hull

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