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Fish Storm!, Kalpitiya
By Dharshana Jayawardena.

Depth:16.5 Meters


The incident at the Trevally Pass
The currents that had fought our descent had abruptly ceased. As if by some miracle the prevailing gloom lifted and we were suddenly at 17 meters of depth on a clean sandy terrain with a few rocky outcrops and colorful soft coral. This is the Trevally Pass; known to the locals as the "Paraw" rock. The sudden contrast in conditions leading to absolute stillness was eerie. If the sea was ever capable of silence, this was it. Perhaps the clouds above had cleared, because suddenly, the ocean floor was streaming with sunlight.

We did not have long to wait; for this stillness was the clam before a storm. As our eyes scanned the blue waters, an ominous dark cloud developed in the south west. It grew larger and larger instilling on us a slight sense of trepidation. Suddenly, with the wrath of a swarm of locusts descending upon an African hinterland, we were inundated with hundreds and hundreds of thousands of fish swimming with great speed all around us. On a journey with a purpose never to be revealed to us, these were the Trevally of Kalpitiya in the passing.

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