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 "No Way!" and "Really?!" are two of the most common responses with tone of incredulity when divers hear the statement "Colombo is the best place in Sri Lanka for a great wreck diving experience!". Indeed where else can you dive a dozen wrecks ranging from 30 Meters to 57 Meters (Tec Dive) in Sri Lanka? Where else can you dive World War I Armed Merchant Ships to a brand new ship recently sunk in 2009? Not only Colombo has the best array of Wrecks in Sri Lanka, it has some great reefs too. For example, the Gorgonian Gardens are a unique dive site found no where else in Sri Lanka, and the far of Taprobane Reefs are simply outstanding. See below for all the dive sites you can dive in Colombo!

Dive Barracuda Reef - Mid Point

Colombo has more of it than any diving s....

24 M- Depth

10 Min-Boat Time

Dive lotus barge

Accede to your wanderlust and begin orga....

28 M- Depth

35 Min-Boat Time

Black coral wreck

Black coral wrecks are harder to see. Yo....

40 M- Depth

40 Min-Boat Time

Dive Cardinal Barge

Colombo provides top-notch wreck diving....

29 M- Depth

90 Min-Boat Time

Clarke Wreck

Colombo, Sri Lanka, is home to some of A....

29 M- Depth

70 Min-Boat Time

MV Astoria

Welcome to Colombo's underwater world! E....

24 M- Depth

45 Min-Boat Time

Toilet Barge

There are some excellent reefs in Sri La....

32 M- Depth

45 Min-Boat Time

Thermopylae Sierra

Off the coast of Mount Lavinia, in the s....

23 M- Depth

20 Min-Boat Time

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